As technology races ahead, costs of video production have reduced, allowing more companies access to using it. Video is now a massive part of Company websites, with updated, relevant content constantly required. Some programs are turned around in a day! We’ve been providing our clients with the support material to their communication for around 20 years. To be honest, not much has changed in the process. It’s got easier for us to put together, but the core concepts remain.

Understand the objective of the program and its audience. Determine a brief and budget. Get a wide range of input from all levels of the company. Agree on a way forward and work towards approval of a script and visualization. Shoot and provide a draft edit for review and input. Agree that we’re both still on the same track and offer options to tweak the script and visuals. Finish and deliver.

With the ‘formula’ in place, from brief to concept to final edit, our clients have remained with us, while we’ve delivered timeously, within the brief, on budget.

Projects have ranged from Laser cut machines, Childrens homes, Cape Town Stadium, Energy and Climate Change, Biodigesters, Road Construction, In house Communication, Safety programs, Knowledge Management, Build projects, Bitumen Tests, Corporate Induction, Training, Stakeholder management, Change management and Underground Coal Gasification.

In isiZulu, isiXhosa and Afrikaans.

The demand for continuous, relevant video and photographic content to support your brand is relentless.

Whether for distribution online, websites, smartphone, streaming, Youtube or Presentations, we’ll deliver what you want at a realistic budget.

We’ll keep the process simple and stress free – Email for a quote


Bing Digital has been working with the HWB Communications Joint Venture to deliver video production services for the City of Cape Town’s MyCiTi Bus Service since 2012 and its Transport Development Authority (TDA) since 2017.


In our experience, Deon Bing’s approach to projects always reflects a high level of professionalism and his understanding of the sometimes complex public transport environment means that he fulfills briefs effectively and creatively.


His team has a “can do” attitude and delivers work of outstanding quality which is underpinned by a client focused service ethic.


I confidently recommend their services.

Lynn Erasmus
Managing Director
HWB Communications Pty Ltd.

Lynn Erasmus

Managing Director / HWB Communications Pty Ltd.


Deon Bing


Surf Guru, MC Extraordinaire!


January 2012


Bingo! D…


I write the same letter every year, so I hope you don’t keep them J.


Seriously though I wanted to take a couple of minutes to thank you personally for your efforts in ensuring that the FOUR COUSINS Hot Summer of Touch 2011 was an incredible success!


Your amazing attitude and will to work with us (It’s now been 4 years and 24 events later) in conditions worse than anyone has seen on this coastline for over 30 years, says something as to the Professional that you are.


Add to this the fact that you graciously accept whatever I throw your way in terms of changes to the program, “GUEST MC’S” (who we have pretty much seen the last of J), and stale Chip Rolls! I seriously could not ask for a better MC!!!


I said this to you a few weeks ago and I say it again now – YOU ARE THE HOT SUMMER OF TOUCH! I could not do this without you! Please book your accommodation now and take this as confirmation for next year!


Thank You Sincerely!!!!


Owner / Sportsman – Group of Companies

The Sunflower Fund has had the privilege of working with and having the support of Deon Bing for many years.


Deon has been instrumental with his support to The Sunflower Fund, especially at our Bikers Run (Ride4Hope) over the last six years.  He is a fantastic Master of Ceremonies (MC), who everyone enjoys and with whom our guests can really relate. Deon has an incredible rapport with the guests entertaining in excess of 1500 at this particular event.  Deon will once again be offering his support as MC at our Ride4Hope event in October 2018.


Deon is a solid Ambassador of Hope who promotes The Sunflower Fund having our best interest at heart.  He is never without a smile, has a special way with people, mixes with them and has great sense of humour.  Deon is punctual, reliable and studies his brief well and has the ability to adapt to meet the needs of his audience.


We have also been fortunate to have Deon MC our Denim and Diamonds event on two occasions.  He is loved by all and his energy and passion for life shines through.


Deon’s most recent involvement this year has been as MC at our African Themed Women’s Day event at Gold Restaurant where he entertained over 300 guests.  Deon has the ability to step in when needed, do ad-hoc announcements, become the Auctioneer and make everyone feel special and positive about life.


Deon adds great value by researching beyond his brief and takes the time to understand the goals and vision of our cause which comes across whenever the opportunity allows.


In the past Deon has also cycled The Cape Argus in support of The Sunflower Fund and crossed live with the radio stations outside broadcasts on the day along the route creating awareness and support to our cause.  He has also taken part in our annual Fun Run as well as various photoshoots and the face of our Sunflower Day Campaign.


We have a warm, friendly and meaningful relationship with Deon which we cherish, and look forward to continuing for years to come. We are honoured and privileged to have his support.

Alana James

Chief Executive Officer / The Sunflower Fund