Craft beer got too clever…so we went back to basics with our Pale Ale.

Simple, easy drinking, low carbonation, delicious flavor – a session beer.

It started out as a once-off, fundraising batch to help get Justin Bing to Nicaragua, representing South African Surfing. People loved it, bought it and off he flew – job done! But they wanted more beer…more than a few buckets in the bathroom could handle.

A tour of various breweries in 2014 landed me at Woodstock Breweries on Albert Road. Andre owns it, introduced me to Dewald the brewer, who smiled politely at my rough recipe and suggested a few changes – pretty much everything. They’ve overseen the brewing since then, tweaking, smoothing, filtering to the stoked perfection it is today.

It’s a beer that has consistently hit the spot with my surfing mates since we launched it and is found in more pubs and restaurants, and coolboxes at braais around Cape Town.

Try a few and see what it means ‘Share the Stoke!’

We’ll keep the process simple and stress free – Email for a quote…